Trends in the Food Packaging market – what we see

Trends depend on the food product category and also on the type of service

The whole gamut of packaging is to meet the goals – upping the purchase experience for the customer through innovation and reducing overall impact to the environment. It is possible to serve old wine in new bottle with clever and innovative packaging supplies that entices the customer to try out more of it.

Labeling also constitutes part of food packaging Brisbane a product.

In consumerism, the customer is the king. It is his desire to some extent that drives companies to do more. He is no more satisfied with quotidian solutions. Each day, his expectation from the product he uses and the services he engages with increases. Companies have to keep up with this or else risk falling offside.

How do you engage better with your customer?

Innovating the product is one of them. After you have created a wonderful product that will change the experience for him, what else can you do?

Package it in innovative methods – by using innovative takeaway containers wholesale

This packaging has to keep the product fresh if it is food. The delis and food chains are in constant lookout for such ways that help them deliver food still warm/cold and good in taste for the customer to return for more.


  1. Bigger brands such as Coke can consider investing in personalization. Nutella offers personalized jars. Marketing campaigns of big brands have found ways to engage the customer in the creation process thus giving them the opportunity to feel like they are a part of it. It also creates an extra source of revenue. Consumers are willing to pay more for highly personalized products or packaged products. To that extent companies can consider using technology such as big data to deliver geographically customized and packaged contents including food.
  2. In the FMCG category, labeling is important. Customers ask that labeling includes more important information such as how to use, ingredients and instructions instead of messages. Brands that are organic, whole grain, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, etc. dedicate more space on packaging to stories and labels.

Clean and clear is the way to go.


  1. Hassle-free packaging – Customers appreciate innovative designs. Customers evaluate the brand through their packaging as well when they open it, use it, reseal it and dispose of it. Working on a design element that appeals to the customer’s senses such as visual and touches results in better customer experience and increased willingness to purchase the product for the customer and more sales for the company. Technology again can come to the rescue of the brand. It makes the process cheaper and faster to prototype novel packaging designs and print finish coatings. Take an average product, package it well and see the value increase at least by a small percentage. With a great product, you can do the same to see a manifold increase in sales.
  2. Preference for environment-friendly options – Customers prefer cans and bottles over plastic. Eco-conscious population reuses glass bottles and appreciates companies that are considerate towards the environment.


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